Innovate, Don't Defend

Anybody who follows me on Twitter is likely still recovering from my 5 day rant about LiveNation’s inability to sell me tickets. Not because there were none left, not because I don’t have the money, but because their billing system ‘won’t work for non-US and Canadian customers’.

Why? Probably because nobody else sells the tickets. In too many eyes there is no reason to try new things when you have a monopoly, though you are just shooting yourself in the foot. Monopolies rarely last. Instead of thinking ‘how can I defend this position’ (which seems to be the crux of my degree) it should be ‘how can I extend or re-invent this position’. The best defence, after all, is a good offense.

In my case nobody could help so I ended up buying 2nd hand tickets off ebay. Who would have thought a show which is struggling to sell out would want me (and many others in their position) to support the scalpers.