Is Your Product Solving or Seeking a Problem?

I’ve just finished a long, tiring but interesting day at Product Camp Toronto. In one of the sessions Al Huzienga brushed upon an important question, was your product designed to solve a problem or is it seeking problems to solve?

The problem with so many developers, entrepreneurs and start-ups is that they innovate with little feedback; particularly when in stealth mode. This becomes challenging, with little customer feedback you are taking a risk that your product solves a problem worth solving, or that the problem even exists at all. I understand that customer interaction can slow a process down but it does not have to be.

Getting feedback from customers and potential customers need not be a lengthy process. Quick demos, coffees and phone calls are enough to make sure you are on the right track. And that is key here, you do not need to be testing the functionality of the product straight away, that can be rectified later. The one thing you cannot recover from is having a product that is seeking problems to solve or solves nothing at all.